Equipment and Methods

Our equipment is well maintained and in very good working condition.

Drilling Equipment

  • 1 x Rockpen 300 Drill mounted on Mercedes Benz Actross
  • 1 x 25 bar Atlas Copco Compressor 900CFM mounted on 8 ton UD Truck
  • 1 x 8 ton Hino Service Truck
  • 1 x (4×4) Ford Ranger Single Cab
  • 2 x (4×4) Ford Ranger Super Cabs
  • 1 x (4×2) Ford Ranger Single Cab
  • 2 x 900 liter diesel trailers
  • 1 x Low bed casing trailer
  • 2 x Mud pump to drill 600mm diameter holes
  • 2 x Caravans for personnel sleeping courters
  • Bits, hammers and drill rods up to 250m
  • Hydraulic welders on drill rigs
  • Water pump and genset on service truck
  • All necessary small tools, grinders, cutting torch, etc.


Rotary Percussion Drilling
Drilled trough the weathered overburden into the solid underlying rock formation. The hole through the overburden will be reamed for casing to be installed to prevent any loose rocks or earth to fall into the hole. The hole can be drilled to final depth and cleaned out for pump testing.



Symmetrix/Odex Drilling
In problem formations like: riverbed and highly fractured formations, it might be necessary to install the casing as the drilling continues as the formation keeps collapsing and it prevents the casing to be inserted normally. Once the problem area was cased off and the solid rock formation was penetrated, normal percussion drilling can continue to the required depth. The hole can then be cleaned and developed for pump testing and insertion of a pump.


Rotary Mud Drilling
In sand and clay formations, the mud rotary method is used. It is a specialized method that allows us to drill trough the sands and the hole stays open for insertion of casing. A screen is placed apposite the targeted horizon to allow the water to flow into the hole. Between the screen and coarse sand, a filter pack is placed to prevent any fines to flow with the water into the hole.

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